Precautions to save your car from dust and sun damage

Precautions to save your car from dust and sun damage


We all experienced that scorching sun exposure harms our skin, but it would be surely shocked for you that as sun harms your skin so it harms your car too, do you know it? Save your car by little precautions, one thing to remember that whenever you need to park your car, parked it in shadowy areas.  No matter where are you residing either in warm climate or not you have to be care your car especially in summer by given instructions.

Protecting your interior

Park in the shade:

Your utmost preference should be to park your car in shadowy areas so you can save your car from direct sun light. This simple precaution saves your car dash from drying and cracking. If it is hard to park in shadowy area so to safe your car by opening a bit of your car window for ventilation so it could equalize the inner atmosphere of your car.


Use a windshield sun protector:

It’s also a very easy way to keep your car safe and control the temperature of your car by using it save your screen from ultra violet waves and sudden strokes of climate. it is very easy to use it only in two simple steps and it works to protects your car.

Wipe dash with a microfiber cloth:

You could protect your car by using a very delicate fabric to swipe dust from your car as there are many hard particles which cause scratches on your expensive car, so you have to use a fabric which has an absorbing quality which easily absorved dust and do it frequently for a shiny looks.

How to Apply a Custom Dashboard Sticker - 6 Show illustration of hand using microfiber cloth to wipe dashboard panels

Install seat covers:

Seat covers also save your car from melting leather products and keep your car temperature.  For more protection you can use seat cover with conditioner for better results.

seat covers

Regularly check your fluid levels:

Everyone know that in hot summer everything is at boiling temperature so you have to take extra care of your car, check engine at regular basis. Check the engine water and fluid which helps you to cool your car temperature.

Regularly check your fluid levels

Have your battery tested once or twice each summer:

When everything is scorching by hot summer you should keep checking your car batteries so it did not any sudden hazard while you driving.

battery of a car

Tips for the exterior

Wash and dry often.

Hot summer can destroy the exterior of your car. So you must give frequently wash to your car and swipe it by hand to remove dust particles for a shiny car.

wash your car

Wax your car:

There is a thin layer of wax between your car’s finish and the sun to save your car from ultraviolet rays. You should check battery of your car on daily basis.

Check tire pressure:

Hot summer are the biggest problem in depreciation of car as it hot the pavement and destroy tires which can be a dangerous situation and give you sudden swear problem so keep on checking your tier’s pressure at regular basis. In summer due to hot weather each tire lose one pound pressure so keep on checking in hot days and follow the mechanic’s instruction.


Battery is life line of the car. You should check the battery carefully after specific time to avoid from loss and damage.

Air conditioning:

The main purpose is to give you comfort drive as well as it is better for the protection of interior of your car. And keep on checking regularly the functionality of your car conditioner.

Be sure according every precaution because care according precaution is better than maintenance.


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