Tips to Prevent Car Crash 2017

Tips to Prevent Car Crash 2017


A lot of car accidents take place on a daily basis because people don’t pay heed to traffic rules and regulations that are made for their safety. There are a number of factors associated with these car crashes like the design and speed of your car, your driving skills, road environment etc. Here are some tips to prevent car crashes by practicing safe driving behaviors.

Distracted Driving:

New generation feels so much tempted to mobile phones and it is hard for them to avoid using it while driving. Avoid using a mobile phone or any other such device that could distract your mind from driving and take your focus off the road. Don’t even get involved in a topic that could make you feel emotional or could be a cause of distraction.

distracted driving


There are a lot of boards on the road that specify that how much speed limit you can follow. You should always follow the posted speed as it can help you keep control of your car. Fast driving is very dangerous for you as well as the other drivers on the road as it can harm them too. If you are driving at night or in a bad weather, then keeping the speed below the posted speed limit is even a better idea.


Seat Belt Use:

Most of the people don’t realize the importance of seat belt. Make sure that you buckle up seat belt every time you get into the car. Crashes happen anywhere so beware of the dangers that can confront you and make sure that you have carefully taken care of all the safety measures that are needed for driving.

seat-belts carsteamspa.pkseat-belts

Drive the Right Car:

Make sure that your car is perfectly alright. If you feel that there is anything wrong with it then don’t take a risk to drive it. There could be an issue with its brake, tires or any other part of it so keep it well maintained and make sure that there is nothing wrong before going on a journey.

Advanced Safety Systems:

With the passage of time, there comes great advancement in the technology and systems. In 2017, there were a lot of cars introduced that offers the feature of advanced safety systems. In newly designed cars, electronic stability control has been shown to lower the risk of a fatal single-vehicle crash. The latest cars have the advanced safety feature like front collision mitigation that can actively help avoid an accident or at least reduce its severity. All these systems are very effective in the prevention of car crashes and are recommended for the car buyers.

Car Accident Prevention Technology:

Car Accident Prevention Technology can help make a huge difference in reducing accidents and fatalities. Technologies like forward collision systems, adaptive highlights, lane departure warning systems and electronic stability control are the most important safety features.

Forward Collision System:

Forward Collision System uses radar to know that the gap decreasing between the vehicles. So it automatically takes control of the car to reduce the severity of the impact. In cars that have this feature, accident rates are down.

forward collision system

Adaptive Headlight:

With this technology, your headlights turn as you turn your steering wheel. This can help you see around a dark curve at night. Having this feature of headlights rotate first before you get there causes a drop in overall accidents.

Lane Departure Warning System:

This system uses a camera along with various sensors to identify lane markers and monitor your distance from them. If you stray over the line without signaling, you will hear a warning tone or a physical alert like a vibration in the steering wheel or seat. In 2017, another most advanced version of this feature was introduced that selectively apply brakes or nudge the steering to guide you back if you are wandering.


Electronic Stability Control Technology:

In 2017, Electronic Stability Control Technology was introduced that is a computerized technology. It improves a car’s stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction. When it detects loss of steering control, it automatically applies the brakes to help steer the vehicle.

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