Tips to Buy an Old and Used Car in Pakistan

Tips to Buy an Old and Used Car in Pakistan

Looking to buy an old and used car in Pakistan? It is a very difficult task and even after buying the used car, you are left with confusion and doubts regarding the condition of the car.  Another important thing to consider is that whether the car is legitimate or not? You as the buyer must know a lot of features of the car, its parts, maintenance problems and its documents and previous history. First of all, decide the brand and model of the car that you want to buy depending upon your budget and requirements.

What to check when buying a used car in Pakistan?

Do you know what to check when buying a used car in Pakistan? Here are the tips that you need to know before buying an old and used car in Pakistan.

Prefer Individual Sellers over Dealers:

Before you buy a used car, make your mind that you are going to prefer individual sellers over dealers. Dealers are expert in selling cars and are usually most interested in their own commission so it is hard to bargain from them as compared to the owner of the car. If you do not know the seller personally then get his personal details as much as personal because some people sell stolen cars.

Verify Car Documents and Owner CNIC:

After you are done with the selection of car and an individual seller then verify the car documents and owner’s CNIC. Check registration copy of the car and match registration number, engine number and chassis number on documents as well as on different parts of the car. Ask for computerized number plates which come with vehicles’ registered within past few years. Check original CNIC of the owner and match it with the owner’s name and details mentioned on the registration card.

Check Engine and other Machinery:

Although being a layman it is not possible for you to check engine and machinery of the car. So you must require an experienced motor mechanic along with you as he can give a better idea about the engine and other machinery’s condition.

  • Make sure that the bonnet is clean and there is no sign of leakage or other wear and tear.
  • The engine can be checked by opening its lid and after opening it, accelerate the car in neutral mode. If you see smoke coming out of oil chamber then it’s a sign that the car’s engine is not in a good condition.
  • Check suspension and gears system.
  • Observe AC and heating system.
  • Check tires, lights, signals, horns, windscreen and wipers as well.


The Condition of Vehicle’s Body:

Look for scratches and dents on the car’s body and find if there is any sign of repaint on it. Look closely if there are any signs of cracks, rust, corrosion, collision, and welds on the car’s body. Don’t even buy a model whose spare parts are not readily available in the market.

Interior Condition of the Body:

Don’t forget to inspect the car from inside i.e. the dashboard, seat covers, sound system, under the car mats and other equipments. Check the windows and mirrors of the car as well.

Sale receipt of the vehicle:

After you are done with buying of car don’t forget to receive the sale receipt of the car that you have bought. The sale receipt clearly states that the seller being the owner is selling his car. In this receipt, the amount paid and the date of the sale is mentioned clearly.


Which car is best in Pakistan?

Here is the list of best cars for sale in Pakistan.

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Honda City
  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Toyota Vitz
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Honda Civic
  • Suzuki Swift

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