What kind of Franchise is this?

We want to make a difference. We want people to experience change. We want to service people and ensure that their lives are happier. We are seeking motivated entrepreneurs who can join us in this mission of providing car servicing at customers doorsteps through our Vans in all locations across the nation. You could also choose to take up a unit franchisee or multiple unit franchises if you want to choose the best geographies and lock them for yourselves. Hence you could choose to be a super franchise or a unit franchise depending upon the level of involvement you would be seeking.


What makes Car Steam Spa the Best Franchise Opportunity?


  1. Low start-up costs
  2. Low overheads
  3. Low cost materials
  4. High Net Profits
  5. Fastest system in the industry – 30 mins wash guaranteed
  6. No previous automotive experience required
  7. Comprehensive training – Fully trained, confident and earning from Day 1
  8. Full Business launch
  9. Exclusive territorial rights
  10. Custom fitted Spa Vans with High visibility graphics
  11. Experienced sales, marketing & technical support.
What is the structure of the Franchise Fee?

Car Steam Spa Super Franchise 3 Van Model: Rs.7.5 Lakhs, Car Steam Spa Unit Franchise Single Van model: Rs.3 Lakhs

Is the franchise fee refundable? Can I pay the same in stages or defer the payment?

As a matter of principle, the franchise fee is non- refundable and is payable upon sign up of the agreement upfront.

Can I get Loans for buying the Van?

Most car dealerships have bank/finance counters that will help you take loans for the van and to make payments on EMI’s. You could then defer your initial upfront investments in the purchase of the Vans for the period of EMI.

Will the franchise be Exclusive?

This Franchise will give you the license to operate from a specified location by granting you an exclusive service zone of 3 Km and a non-exclusive zone of 7 Kms. Nobody will be allowed to service in your exclusive zone and only franchisees that have their nonexclusive territories within your non-exclusive zone will be allowed to service consumers within these zones.

Will you appoint anyone else in the zone I am operating in?

The company will not appoint anybody within your 3 Km Radius Area. You will be the only Car Steam Spa Franchisee within in your exclusive territory.

Can I work with my spouse/partner?

Yes, we foresee husband and wife teams amongst our successful franchisees. You can also work with friends and even employ older children or other relatives if you choose. Please ensure that you have proper understanding and a common long-term goal while you get into this business jointly.

Can we invest in a second franchise?

Yes – once you’ve proven that you can manage your business successfully, you have the option of buying another franchise.

What would be the space required for set up?

All you need is a home office from where you could operate. In addition you will need a parking bay to park your Car Spa vans safely. You might not be able to service certain customer’s cars in their own locations due to safety or other aspects for which you could use your existing bay.

What will be the Franchise Royalty and Commission?

The franchisee will have to pay 15% or Rs 20,000/- whichever higher, as a monthly royalty on sales.

What is the selling price and profit margins to be derived?

Please refer the financial table for the average selling prices and the profit margins. Since this is a service related business you will see a healthy difference between the costs of our products and the billings we do to our consumers for consolidated services and yet ensure good profitability for ourselves whilst our consumers get the same services at very low prices as we have almost no infrastructure costs added to our business.

Who determines the pricing?

The Company will decide the base prices at all locations. The franchisee will not be allowed to sell lower than the base price but could offer higher prices for their locations if their costs are higher and it does not affect an average sale of 2 Cars/Day (Detailing) or 8 Car/Day (Steam Wash) with Single Unit. Also the franchisee will have to take approvals for all institutional sales where the prices could be very different.

What is the sale potential that Cozi Cars offers?

The economics of this trade offers a great opportunity to present good value for money and quality to the sensitive Pakistani consumer. So far from our operational experience and expertise in analyzing market trends in the Automobile Service Industry we are able to conclude that given the scenario, Car Steam Spa Franchisee should be able to do an average sale of 2 Cars/Day (Detailing) or 8 Car/Day (Steam Wash) with Single Unit.

Why will anybody want to call Car Steam Spa repeatedly and continue our services?

Convenience & Costs & the entire experience would be unmatched.

What is our target customer? Who decides the prices for the same and how are different customers dealt with?

Everybody who has a car is our customer. However there are different kinds of target customers spanning different verticals like new and used car dealers, car rentals, business houses (which include hotels, passenger transportation agencies, companies in various sectors like IT, manufacturing, finance), residential societies. We expect the franchisee to engage all of the above and get an assured supply of business. We could also offer bulk prices to larger users, which are approved by Car Steam Spa, but never the less is very profitable for the franchisee. We also receive a lot of enquiries directly from corporate and institutions, which would be passed to the respective franchisee closest to the customer.

What is the competition?

Well, the idea of servicing cars at a consumer’s doorstep is in itself so unique that nobody does this in the same format. There are other cars servicing companies, whose costs of operations are much higher than us. Hence, we are uniquely positioned in this market place and are well poised to fill the gaps.

What is the term of the agreement and what happens to the Vans, if the franchisee is not renewed once the agreement expires? Can I quit in between?

The agreement is for 3 years and the franchisee has the option to quit in between for any reason, by giving Car Steam Spa a 3-month prior notice. Thereafter the franchisee will have to erase the entire branding on the van and produce a plain van without Car Steam Spa name for final approval and disengagement.

What would be my return on investment & payback period?

We expect the franchisee to break even operationally from the second month itself. Your entire investments would typically come back in 1 year. Also since this is a business unaffected by seasonality or any other things, it ensures regular income to the franchisee once they establish themselves within geography. Return on investment also depends heavily upon geographic location and the capability to manage and run your own business according to the specified standard operating procedures.

What if I want to sell/transfer my franchise?

There’s no limit placed on the resale price of a franchise. However we will need to approve the profile of the buyer only, after which you will be able to transfer/sell the franchisee, off course after paying the requisite fee.

Who does the geography selection?

The franchisee will select the geography from where it needs to operate and Car Steam Spa will do the final approval.

What about the advertisement & Promotion?

The company does national level advertising and promotion and expects the franchise to farm his vicinity on a personal level. There is a complete mechanism put in place based on how a franchisee needs to reach his target market effectively.

How do I get started?

Fill up the Franchise Application Form (FAF) on our Franchise web page, Also send DD of Rs. 10,000 (Rupee Five Thousand Only) in favor of “Car Steam Spa” and Send us at our official Address, we shall revert back to you at the earliest for further proceedings.