Car Steam Spa is Best Mobile Car Wash Service in Lahore, Pakistan

We offer innovative Steam cleaning  which is incredible for a wide range of cleaning services in Lahore, Pakistan. We are offering best online service of car wash. Our equipment can be used for purpose of car washes, industrial cleaning, cleaning in hotels and restaurants, cleaning of public spaces, cleaning of public transport etc. Our cleaners use super heated steam, as the main cleaning agent.


Easy Booking

First thing first, you’ll need to either book an appointment with us or just drop by and see if we have vacant time slot!


Perfect Servicing

When your car’s already at our place, all you’ll have to do is just wait a little bit till it comes out all shiny and clean!


Awesome Pricing

With our services all really being top-notch, here’s also the last joy – the ultimately finest pricing!

Water Wash

We offer you Water Car wash services in Lahore in a very professional practices using latest technology. That keeps your car’s interior as important as exterior and maintenance to keep your standard high. For all the car wash problems related to car owners and professional drivers who are constantly searching for a professional car wash in Lahore. Here we are offering you our services of car water wash.

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Steam Wash

car steam wash carsteamspa.pkWhen we value our vehicle as a status symbol we enjoy keeping our vehicle clean and shining. We all know that keeping your car’s interior as important as exterior for the car maintenance. Dirty air in Lahore make their way from little wholes can spread dust deep into cabin. Filmy windows and mirrors become hurdles for the driver’s view of the roads in Pakistan.

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Making Cars Look Glossy & Shiny

Our car wash in Lahore has a variety of premium-quality services, that your car (and your wallet) will love!

What Our Clients Are Saying

I hate it when my ride gets all dusty and dirty. But each time that happens – I know where to go to make my sweet car look all shiny and clean!

John Bon JoviMale from United States

While I wash my car’s exterior regularly, still sometimes I need someone to also clean up and vacuum its interior – these guys!

Aaron MatthewsMale from United States

Showing some proper love to your car is what any driver does. So when I want to take my car for a treat and a wash, I go only to this place!

Karen BishopFemale from United States

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